Cape Ann Center For Dance


Our team of creative choreographers are turning up the heat at the Cape Ann Center for Dance, developing dance sequences for the Winter & early Spring that will keep you moving while the cold winds blow outside. Check out the clips below from our 2013 & 2014 recitals for a taste of the creative energy that flows at the Cape Ann Center for Dance. Challenge yourself, meet new friends and have the time of your life!

               Call Kim @ 978-283-2698 or tap the red "Schedule" button on this page.

Contact Information:

Kim Blisard, Director

26 Emerson Ave

Gloucester, MA


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A parent's viewpoint:

"After nearly eight years of joyous yet rigorous dance training at the Cape Ann Center For Dance, my daughter has become an accomplished dancer and continues to be dedicated to the dance studio and inspired by Kim. My daughter not only takes lessons but now teaches as well. No matter how tired or busy she is, with her demanding schedule in school, she is always energized and motivated to dance. This is a testament to Kim's dedication and love that she extends to her students as well as the professionalism she brings to her craft."


Proud Dance Dad